Mooie Duitse documentaire uit 2011 van Ute Gebhardt over de Dobermann. De documentaire duurt een half uur en Engelse ondertitels kunnen (helaas alleen de eerste 6 minuten) aangezet worden.
Een must-see!

The Doberman is the world’s most prominent Thuringian on 4 paws. However, for many people, our Doberman still enjoys a dubious reputation. In the contribution of MDR `s tradition, birth, development and training of today’s Doberman is shown. Also, as a family companion and sporting dog he is today one of the most popular breeds in the world.
This film shows the true character of our Dobermans and sets clearly that the problem always lies at the end of the leash. With great attention to details, the documentation gives the true picture of the breed. For this purpose, due to the film crew and all persons in the film the cordial thanks of all Doberman breeders and owners.
The MDR-Television showed him at the 18.05.2011 at 21.15 o’ clock and on 01.06.2011 at 10.15 o’ clock. A report on the program Thuringia Exclusiv. Where known, the original post for about 39 euros at the MDR can be ordered as digital version.

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